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As a Company, we know that our employees are happier when they have a purpose. That is why, at Southern Glazer’s, CSR has no boundaries – from giving back through volunteering and financial contributions, to helping our people reach their fullest potential, reducing our environmental impact, and by operating as a responsible and ethical business partner. This commitment to CSR is vital to the communities we serve and takes on many forms.

Southern Glazer’s has continued its commitment and focus on our key pillars of CSR: promoting responsible consumption, supporting education, cultivating Diversity & Inclusion, and empowering our local market giving.

Responsible Consumption

Through our numerous education and awareness programs, we aim to actively promote and advocate the safe and responsible use of adult beverages, as well as the prevention of underage drinking.

Supporting Education

We recognize that education creates opportunity and are committed to supporting students and institutions through scholarships, endowments, and other hands-on learning experiences.

Fostering Diversity & Inclusion

In addition to striving to attract, retain and develop a diverse base of talent, the Company’s community outreach programs are focused on engaging with and supporting underrepresented populations and underserved communities.

Volunteering and Giving

The heart of our CSR program is our team of employee VolunCheers, dedicated to giving back, leading change in their communities, and making a difference in the lives of others.

One FAMILY, One Mission

The 2020 Corporate Social Responsibility Report showcases Southern Glazer’s commitment to supporting the communities it serves on a national and local level, a role that became more important than ever amid a global pandemic and movement for racial justice. The Report details Southern Glazer’s COVID-19 response and implementation of various new programs aimed at improving and furthering racial equality. In addition, the Report highlights Southern Glazer’s grassroots employee volunteering and giving program, VolunCheers, and its enhanced commitment to supporting education and promoting responsible alcohol consumption. Please click below to download the Report.

Download SGWS 2020 CSR Report

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