Proof® gives our customer's unique advantages that are unmatched in the industry. It's the ultimate in efficiency, information, and reporting.

Wayne E. Chaplin CEO

Proof® is one more way that Southern Glazer’s is responding to the changing marketplace, meeting the evolving needs of our customers, and giving our suppliers new ways to grow their businesses. With this innovative offering, we are able to further strengthen customer relationships and become even better brand builders for our suppliers.

What is Proof® ?

Proof® is a fully-responsive digital shopping experience that gives you, our customer, the ability to efficiently research, shop, and order products, 24/7. We have designed the experience with efficiency in mind knowing that your time is limited and very valuable.

Customer Advantages

Save ordering time

Quickly order products at our same great prices – 24/7 – from your desktop or mobile device.

Access a virtual beverage expert

Discover which beverages and foods pair with different products as you shop.

Place repeat orders quickly

View important account details like open orders and order history at a click.

Learn about trends

Curated content and smart product recommendations help you plan your business’s future.

Man and woman looking at wine

Ready to sign up?

Contact your Sales Consultant or register here.


There are three steps:

  1. Become a Southern Glazer’s customer, if you aren't one already. 
  2. Identify your company's Customer Business Administrator (CBA). This is a key Proof® account role with the authority to grant access to Proof® to others inside your company. This individual will typically be someone higher up in the company (e.g., owners or licensees).
  3. Let your Sales Consultant or Southern Glazer’s Customer Advocacy team know who you’ve authorized to be your company’s CBA. We'll take it from here and get you signed up. Once we have your CBA's information, they'll be registered for access on Day 1 and able to add additional users. For more on CBAs, see below.

Because it’s an exciting way for customers of Southern Glazer’s to get more convenience and control and sell more products. Because it’s going to help you and your Sales Consultants develop better strategies for selling your products. And because it doesn’t cost you anything.

Of course. There's no substitute for personal service. Before anything else, our continued tradition of service and innovation depends on our personalized customer relationships.