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Working with small, diverse, and reliable vendors is a priority for us. We encourage interested vendors to register on our vendor registration portal. 

Southern Glazer’s is committed to working with the highest quality of vendors, regardless of race, sex, gender or any other socioeconomic status. Our Vendor Inclusion Program (V.I.P.)  ensures that all qualifying businesses, including those that identify as diverse, have an opportunity to compete in our competitive environments. V.I.P. seeks to create significant value and enhance competitiveness through the sourcing of goods and services from high performing diverse vendors. 

Vendor registration process

Vendors interested in doing business with Southern Glazer's must undergo a registration process, after which your company's information will be on file for consideration in future opportunities. IMPORTANT: Completion of the registration process does not guarantee a contract with us or a request to bid, nor does it confer any preferred supplier status. 

Frequently asked questions

As a beverage alcohol distributor, Southern Glazer’s makes a distinction between business relationships that are considered ‘Vendors’ from those designated as ‘Suppliers’. Suppliers refer to alcohol brands and industry trade partners, i.e., beverage alcohol brands and producers of wines, spirits, liquors, whiskeys, etc. and other business models that directly impact Southern Glazer’s commercial trade.  Businesses that provide goods and/or services offering to support the operations, facilities and other such non-trade business functions for Southern Glazer’s and its Supplier partners may be considered Vendors.

Businesses looking to participate in the Vendor Inclusion Program (V.I.P) must meet Southern Glazer’s general vendor qualifications and criteria and  must be considered diverse for opportunities that leverage equitable measures. For any questions please contact the V.I.P Team -

  • All companies and/or service providers interested in doing business with Southern Glazer’s Wine and Spirits must be legally eligible to offer the goods and/or services being offered. 

  • Vendor must be in good standing and legally authorized to conduct business in the states, regions and/or territories in which goods or services are offered.

  • Vendor must meet minimum qualifications, requirements and be able to demonstrate ability to perform.  

  • For vendors that identify as being Diverse Owned, V.I.P. requires certification through a third party agency to demonstrate the same.

  • Vendor must be willing to take ownership of the business development process and commit the required time and resources to meet requirements, performance and deliverables.

  • For any questions please contact the V.I.P Team -

Southern Glazer’s acknowledges all diverse classes of businesses. For the purpose of participation in the Vendor Inclusion Program (V.I.P.), we will recognize the following classifications.


  • Minority Business Enterprise (MBE)

  • Women Business Enterprise (WBE) 

  • Veteran Owned Business

  • Disability Owned 

  • LGBT Owned Business Enterprise

Are you a current vendor?

Are you a current vendor and are not using ARIBA?  If yes, please review our PO Terms and Conditions below.  At Southern Glazer’s, we are committed to ensuring compliance in our procurement practices. We would like to take this opportunity to highlight an important requirement for our vendors - all goods and services purchased require an approved Purchase Order prior to the goods being delivered or services being started. Having an approved purchase order in place prior to starting work reduces risk for both your organization and Southern Glazer’s. Failure to comply with this requirement may result in the following: delays in invoice processing, payment and/or substitution with another vendor. 

Become a Carrier

Southern Glazer’s holds its carrier partners to the highest standards in customer service, performance, and safety. We’re always looking to develop new partnerships and are thankful for the value carriers bring to our business. We have partnered with Ryder Integrated Logistics for all of our transportation management services.  To be considered to join an elite group of Southern Glazer’s carriers, please send all request to