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Collaborating with a diverse network of reputable vendors of all sizes is integral to our success. Join our family by registering on iShop, our best-in-class procurement solution. 

Introducing iShop, the Southern Glazer’s innovative vendor management portal

iShop is a best-in-class procurement platform designed to streamline the vendor experience with Southern Glazer’s. It offers a user-friendly interface for vendors to manage open orders, submit invoices and backup for completed jobs, and monitor payment status. As a vendor, you can utilize iShop to collaborate with Southern Glazer’s with unprecedented speed and transparency. Whether you are a new or existing vendor, iShop simplifies your interaction with Southern Glazer’s ensuring a more efficient and productive partnership.

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Welcome to iShop for Marketing

Effective April 1, 2024, invoices for marketing and promotional activities must be submitted through iShop or a state-specific address. To ensure prompt handling and real time visibility of your invoice, it’s critical to follow our new process. Access our invoice instruction document for details.

V.I.P Program

The Vendor Inclusion Program (V.I.P) at Southern Glazer’s is designed to engage and support small and diverse businesses. It's aimed at vendors who meet specific criteria, ensuring equitable opportunities in our supply chain. Ideal for businesses seeking growth and innovation, the V.I.P fosters a diverse and inclusive vendor community.

A deeper dive into qualifications

Moving to the Southern Glazer’s iShop platform will enable you to:

  • Receive purchase orders electronically.
  • Submit and track your invoices online.
  • Reduce postal and other administrative costs.
  • Eliminate the risk of invoices lost in the mail.
  • Improve communications with Southern Glazer’s regarding financial transactions.

We’re investing in the Southern Glazer’s iShop platform to provide a mutually efficient way of doing business and eliminate your pain points, therefore this process is mandatory for vendors dedicated to supplying marketing and promotional goods and services. Southern Glazer’s vendors who only occasionally supply related services may continue to transact through the existing settlement methods.

No. Southern Glazer’s customers will continue to order trade products – wine, spirits, beer, etc. – through their current channel.

If you are executing a series of events under the same program, we can assign a single Blanket Purchase Order to cover the entire activity which may be executed over a series of months. Discuss this with your Southern Glazer’s Trade Development and Sales contacts if this is a need.

All Southern Glazer’s in-market activities and commitments are managed by our Trade Development Teams and other authorized employees and are governed by a Purchase Order reference number established in the iShop tool at initiation of the activity. Always ensure that any party you are working with is in contact with the correct Southern Glazer’s authority to ensure prompt payment. 

Please contact the Southern Glazer’s iShop team at SGWS

Are you a current vendor?

To ensure a smooth and compliant partnership with Southern Glazer's, it's important for vendors to be aware of key practices and requirements:


Use of ARIBA: Vendors not currently using ARIBA should take note.


- Understanding PO Terms: Familiarize yourself with the Purchase Order Terms and Conditions.

- Requirement for Approved Purchase Orders: All goods and services must - have an approved Purchase Order before delivery or service commencement.

- Risk Management: Having an approved Purchase Order reduces risks for both the vendor and Southern Glazer’s.

- Consequences of Non-Adherence: Failing to comply can lead to invoice processing delays, payment issues, or potential substitution with another vendor.



Please ensure adherence to these points for a successful partnership with Southern Glazer's.

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Looking for Supplier related information?

Southern Glazer’s distinguishes between 'Vendors' and 'Suppliers' in its business relationships. 'Suppliers' are alcohol brands and trade partners involved in commercial trade, like wine and spirit producers. 'Vendors' are businesses offering goods and services supporting operations and non-trade functions for Southern Glazer’s and its Suppliers.