Southern Glazer's Supply Chain

Our distribution network is designed for flexibility. With a revolutionary logistics model powered by advance warehouse management and planning technologies, we are able to respond to fluctuating demand, rebalance inventory levels, ensure improved in-stock positions, and deliver a more distinctive product mix for customers.

In addition, we have the following elements in place in order to be able to sustain the highest level of success for our partners: 

  • A centralized, consolidated network of distribution centers 

  • A "last mile" approach that uses advanced route planning, scheduling, and tracking to make local deliveries flawless

  • A well-maintained EPA SmartWay fleet of vehicles equipped with the latest safety technologies 

  • A commitment to remaining a preferred employer in the highly competitive trucking industry, so we are able to execute on our promises

Check out our latest advancements in distribution at our Katy, Texas facility.

Male walking through aisles of wine and spirits

With its new Texas DC, the world’s largest distributor of alcoholic beverages has built one of the most automated facilities in its network and continues to lead the way in automation adoption.