SG Ventures: Unlocking the possibilities

SG Ventures’ focus is exploring and executing against new growth opportunities in our industry and complementary areas of our business. The team is organized into four key areas: Strategy & Investments, B2C eCommerce, DRAM Agency, and CBD.

SG Ventures focus areas

Strategy & Investments


We are the venture capital arm of Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits focused on accelerating the evolution of beverage alcohol and adjacent sectors.


What we do:

  • We are strategic investors offering unparalleled expertise and reach to fast-track the growth ambitions of innovative and visionary companies.
  • SG Ventures’ primary focus is on forward-thinking early to mid-stage companies.

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SG Ventures does not invest in beverage brands. If you are interested in a distribution relationship, please reach out to


B2C eCommerce


We assist our suppliers with the launch and optimization of digital sales strategies across channels and delivery platforms. If you’re ready to enhance and grow your beverage alcohol eCommerce capabilities, our team of digital experts can help.


What we offer:


Deep digital expertise across Pure Play and Omnichannel Accounts

  • Best in Class Data and Insights for the eCommerce Channel
  • Digital Sales Strategies that accelerate sales for brands of all sizes

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DRAM Agency – the Digital Revolution of Alcohol Marketing


DRAM Agency, an affiliated Southern Glazer's company, provides digital marketing consulting and services to wine and spirits suppliers looking to activate or accelerate their eCommerce strategies.


What we offer:

  • Access to key marketing platforms and tools to maximize media effectiveness
  • Industry-leading data and analytics
  • Increased media buying power to increase the efficacy of suppliers’ digital strategies
  • In-depth understanding of beverage alcohol compliance and regulation

If you are interested in learning more or if you’re a vendor interested in partnering with DRAM, email us at


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The domestic hemp-derived CBD category is estimated to reach $15B market potential by 2030 and Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits is committed to building an unparalleled CBD business alongside our retailer and supplier partners. 


What we offer:

  • We offer a variety of hemp-derived products and an array of price points, from suppliers who are best-in-class

Retailer interested in purchasing CBD? Ask your rep or shop our CBD products on Proof®.


Meet our team


SG Ventures is made up a diverse and experienced team dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers and suppliers alike in this dynamic marketplace. Our team was founded in 2018 and is committed to accelerating the growth of our trade partners and devoted founders.

David Chaplin

Chief Growth Officer

Cristina Benitez

VP of Strategy and Investments

Nathan Mansperger

VP of eCommerce

Kariff Rhooms

VP of New Ventures

What we bring to the table