Craft Collection Luxury Spirits

Our division is the industry leader in brand development and incubation. Our team of industry specialists deliver a differentiated customer experience, with first-hand beverage operations expertise, collaboration and a thoughtfully curated portfolio.  We connect the unique offerings of craft and luxury spirits brands with the most prestigious accounts, creating long-term relationships and growth.

Where we are


The Craft Collection Luxury Spirits is currently operating in FL, TX, CA and NY and will be rolling out to new markets in 2022.

An open letter to craft distillers

Craft spirits play an important role in driving innovation in our industry. Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits is committed to supporting this thriving and diverse sector and is proud to be a part of the new WSWA Access Advisory Council helping brands identify opportunities to get to market. As part of our ongoing commitment to the craft spirits industry, and our desire to help entrepreneurs achieve their dreams, we would like to offer all craft spirit distillers access to our distribution platform in your local markets. Interested producers can send inquiries to

Our people are the best at their craft

Our team of national, regional and local brand builders are here to serve. 

Frequently asked questions

We look forward to hearing from you. Please contact us at

We constantly look at new and underdeveloped categories along with founder-led brands that have a birthplace and true craft DNA. 

We would love to work with you. Currently, the Craft Collection Luxury Spirits is operating in FL, TX, CA and NY. While our footprint currently limits our reach, please be patient with us until we can serve you in your market and check back with us on this page for updates as we continue to expand. See our craft offerings on