Southern Glazer's partner resources

Diversity on the shelf

Learn about strategies to help diverse-owned brands increase opportunities for distribution.

How to sell RTDs in the off premise

Whether selling canned wine, spirits, RTDs or seltzers, here are some important tips retailers should keep in mind.


How to leverage your Google business profile

If you haven't discovered your Google business profile, just know that your customers have.


Using social media

Keep your patrons up to date with these social media best practices.


Our favorite industry training

Staff training is critical, especially when it comes to the success of  your beverage program. 


The syrup fundamentals

Essential to every mixologist’s toolbelt, syrups have the power to transform a cocktail and transition your menu from season to season. Knowing the basics of syrup creation and usage goes a long way.


Helping restaurant families

You can help a family in crisis by supporting CORE: Children of Restaurant Employees.


Getting started with eCommerce

Off-premise businesses need to step up their digital game. 


How to batch cocktails at your bar

Beverage industry professionals share their batching magic so we can all make delicious cocktails with the same speed and ease of pouring a beer.


Offering beverage delivery

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the use of pickup and delivery in the restaurant industry. Learn how to get started.