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From wine and spirits, to beer, CBD and more, ordering products has never been easier.

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low abv wine drinks

Low ABV wines to try

Low alcohol wines tie into the general health and wellness theme and are gaining in popularity among consumers watching their caloric intake.

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Up your wine game

From bubbly to by-the-glass, incorporate the top wine trends from our Liquid Insights Tour into your business.nt to add some pop to your summer selection? Then put some sparkling rosé on your wine list or shelf.

Woman in a vineyard holding a glass of wine

Our women-owned wine collection

Women around the world have brought unique and creative wines to our bars, restaurants, and shelves. We are proud and committed to highlighting women-owned brands which are certain to be favorites in your bar, restaurant, or store.

Group of people in a vineyard with one holding a glass of wine and a woman holding a cluster of grapes

Access our wine experts

In addition to shopping a fantastic selection of fine wines from around the world, our Fine Wine Experience on Proof® provides expert tips and suggestions from our team of leading Master Sommeliers and wine educators.

SGWS Wine Spotlight

Need cocktail inspiration?

Tequila always helps. See how it changes the standard Bloody Mary and learn new twists on the margarita and paloma.

non alcoholic drink options

Make the most of mocktails

No longer just for “Dry January,” non-alcoholic beverages may be one of the most exciting areas of the wine and spirits industry right now. Learn from the pros how to make the most of non-alcoholic cocktailson your menu.

Close up of two fruity cocktails

Ready-to-drink cocktails

With a ready-to-drink cocktail, anyone can enjoy their favorite bar beverage at home or on the go. Mix up your offering with our full assortment of RTDs.

Close up of two cocktails

Beverage options for special diets

Looking for low ABV or craving less calories? From vegan to gluten-free, we have the diet and specialty beverages to help your customers drink differently.

SGWS Spirits Spotlight
Close up of utensils and fruits

CBD gummies & beverages

Whether you want gummies in a variety of flavors and potencies or CBD-infused sparkling waters or wellness shots, we have a variety of innovative hemp-derived offerings.

Two bottles of CBD-infused sparkling water

Our CBD portfolio

We use a rigorous and in-depth compliance process to bring you best-in-class CBD suppliers.

Five hands holding different CBD topical products

CBD 101

69% of the population does not know the difference between CBD and THC. We want to make sure that you do.

SGWS CBD Spotlight
Close up of bartender pouring a drink into a glass

Game-changing mixer options

Don't underestimate the power of a mixer. Advancements in this category are raising the cocktail and mocktail game.

Close up of four diffferent types of wine glasses

Drinkware from Riedel

We are positive that your drinkware has to be as good as what you put into it. Our selection of Riedel glassware pairs perfectly with every pour.

Close up of spirit utensils

Everything you need to stay stocked up

While wine and spirits are our bread and butter, we can also keep you well stocked with coffee, water, garnishes, equipment and more.