The book cover of Asian Women Who Boss Up: Secrets from Women Who are Forging their own Path and Thriving, from Women with Vision International.

An interview with Sheena Yap Chan

Southern Glazer’s Julie Milroy talks to Sheena Yap Chan about her book Asian Women Who BossUp.


Tell us about the first book you published, what inspired and motivated you to write it?


I have always been passionate to elevate the voices of Asian women. I was committed to diversifying our visibility in media. When the book idea of Asian Women Who BossUp came out during the pandemic, it made so much sense. I went for it! 


What is the message you would like readers to take away from your book?


That women can forge their own path, overcome obstacles and thrive! Reading the relatable stories of these amazing Asian women will help any woman move forward.


Which story can you most relate with from the women you interviewed?


I can relate to each story that was told. I can relate to not feeling good enough, letting fear take control and comparing myself to others. I can connect to each story in the book.


Do you have a charitable organization that you passionate about?  Can you tell us about it?


Part of the proceeds of the book are being donated to Stop AAPI Hate and These are important charities since anti-Asian hate is prevalent in the U.S. and Canada.


What is your favorite toast?


Avocado toast. 😊







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