An interview with Chockie Tom

Southern Glazer’s Julie Milroy talks to Chockie Tom about her book recommendation.


Chockie Tom is an award-winning bartender and brand ambassador, currently in London. Connecting her Pomo and Paiute heritage with her advocacy work, she brings a unique perspective to an industry lacking in indigenous presence.


Why is this book Indigenous Food Sovereignty in the United States: Restoring Cultural Knowledge, Protecting Environments, and Regaining Health important to you?


When I found out the one and only Winona LaDuke was associated with this book, it drew me to it. I've always admired her work as an activist and an indigenous advocate, and related to her as someone also from a mixed background. I grew up in a city, so my knowledge of traditional foods was lacking despite many visits to relatives. Health problems led me to explore more about what my traditional diet would be and it really peaked my interest in learning more. This book really illustrated the importance of indigenous food sovereignty for me.


What can readers learn from this book? 


I think this book provides valuable insights to the importance of indigenous food sovereignty.


Do you have a charitable organization that you are passionate about?  Can you tell us about it?


I have selected Indigenous Women Rising. Indigenous sovereignty also includes the power to make decisions for our own bodies. Even prior to Roe v. Wade being overturned 


What is your favorite toast?


“Burn it down.”







About Chockie Tom


Chockie Tom is an Indigenous, award-winning bartender turned writer who focuses her work on advocacy and cultural empowerment in the bar industry. A literal California native in every sense of the word, Chockie spent her formative years in Los Angeles, honed her bartending and hospitality skills in New York, and currently resides in London. Connecting her Pomo and Walker River Paiute heritage with her advocacy work, she brings a unique perspective to an industry lacking Indigenous visibility. Chockie is best known for her innovative cocktail-building techniques, unique brand and event art, and witty cocktail naming abilities. She is a founder of Doommersive (formerly Doom Tiki). This internationally recognized pop-up series tackles the issues of appropriation in Tiki subculture and fundraises for communities still dealing with colonization’s effects. She was featured as one of the 2021 Imbibe 75 and 2022 Wine Enthusiast Future 40. Her work has been profiled in PUNCH, BUST, The New York Times, and The Kitchn. In 2021 and 2022, she organized and moderated the first Indigenous-led panels in Tales of the Cocktail history. She has also partnered with Portland Cocktail Week to create more Indigenous-focused content and educational materials for Native American Heritage Month and beyond.



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Chockie supports charitable work and is passionate about helping others. You can lend your support to one of Chockie's causes by following the link below.


Indigenous Women Rising | Charity Navigator Profile



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