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An interview with Sheena Yap Chan

Southern Glazer’s Bridget Albert talks to Sheena Yap Chan about her book The Tao of Self-Confidence: A Guide to Moving Beyond Trauma and Awakening the Leader Within.


Q&A interview


Sheena Yap Chan shares a guide for Asian women to tap into their confidence and joy, and shine as leaders.


In your book you delve into the concept of self-confidence. What inspired you to explore this topic and how do you believe your perspective adds a unique dimension to the understanding of self-confidence?


Self-confidence is something that I have dealt with all my life. As an Asian woman, it was hard for me to build my self-confidence because I was told to stay in the background and never make any noise. I didn’t want other women to go through what I went through which is why I started the journey of finding ways to build confidence.  I have a unique perspective since it’s coming from me, an Asian woman who is usually seen as quiet, submissive, and obedient. I want to dismantle those stereotypes and create a better representation for Asian women and beyond. Being able to share my authenticity and experiences, women from all walks of life can relate.


Can you share practical insights or strategies from your book that readers can implement in their lives to navigate overcoming personal drama on their journey?


By reading this book, readers are able to do the following:

·         Gett to the root causes of what’s holding you back and stepping into greatness.

·         Identify cultural and historical issues that affect our leadership potential.

·         Find and gain more confidence as your authentic self.


How do you define leadership and how do individuals cultivate their inner leadership qualities?


For me, leadership is about someone who is willing to try something first. It’s not about being the tops or telling people what to do. It’s about showing others what is possible and bringing them along the way. A leader walks side by side with others and lifts them up.


The title of your book suggests Taoism. Can you highlight how Taoism is a guide that readers can apply for personal growth and empowerment?


Taoism is about learning the way and every person’s journey is different. This book is not a rigid manual but a guide to help you along your own journey. You can tweak it to see what works for you.


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