An interview with Jessica Pettitt

Southern Glazer’s Bridget Albert talks to Jessica Pettitt about her book and what inspired her journey as a social justice warrior.


Tell our readers what inspired you to write Good Enough Now.


I kept getting fired which led me to opening my business.  When I started getting burned out in my business, I realized there was a commonality in how I was feeling and why others weren't having conversations they wished they could have.  I cured my burn out by writing this book and am re-energized by creating my own momentum in these moments.


Why is diversity, equity, and inclusion important to your work?


Once you/I realize that not everyone experiences what I experience, I get and encourage others to stay in curiosity. This is the breeding ground for generosity, vulnerability, and authenticity. Together, this is the building blocks of humanity.


Who is your mentor and why?


I don't really have one.  I try to include an empty chair into my decisions.  Whoever isn't there is there and that guides me.


Where can our readers find you?


Readers can visit to stay connected on social, sign up for my newsletter and more! They can also visit, which is my impersonal yet effective online scheduling link for a 30-minute Zoom chat. 


What is your favorite toast?


Nos-dra-vey (favorite toast in Bulgaria - sounds like Nice Driveway)






About Jessica Pettitt, MBA, CSP, Med:


When it comes to diversity, equity, and inclusion, Jessica develops and delivers content around a variety of topics. As a recognized facilitator and educator in the Diversity and Inclusion space for 20 years, Jessica spent the past decade coaching, teaching, and motivating thousands of people around the world. Combining this with her expertise in business leadership development and workplace culture, Jessica is the PERFECT partner for team members to build understanding and drive ownership of diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives.


Jessica uses humor and straight talk to cultivate the space for fear to pass and learning to occur. This combination sets people at ease, makes them feel safe, and answers all the questions you are afraid to ask anybody else. Best of all, she shows how to improve communication, relationships, trust, and culture in a way that fuels bottom line growth.




Consulting, mediation, training, facilitation, keynote speaker, teaching, train the trainer, on broad subjects like Communication across Difference, Recruitment, as well as specific deep dives like racism, politics, LGBTQ Issues, Trans Inclusion, Social Justice and White Privilege.


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Jessica supports charitable work and is passionate about helping others. You can lend your support to one of Jessica's causes by following the link below.


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