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An interview with Angie Jackson

Southern Glazer’s Bridget Albert talks to Angie Jackson about her book Drink the Wild.


Angie Jackson is a cocktail ingredient forager! She is a beverage antique expert and a world-class spirit category trainer. Angie shares her cocktail magic.


Tell our readers about Drink the Wild.


Wildcraft cocktails, apothecary elixirs, medicinal mixology, agriculture alchemy, and a little kitchen witchery! Here, you will find recipes, history and folklore, herbalism, foraging, home alchemy tips and tricks to build and sharpen your home apothecary and mixing skills. We can drink things that are delicious, that are good for us, and good for the wild world we live in. All it takes is the right proportions of culinary mixology, herbalist tradition, and your inner kitchen witch. Drink the Wild is a beautiful culmination of some of my best recipes from my career and a few home favorites from my apothecary.


What is a kitchen witch? 


A kitchen witch is an informal term for a witch who emphasizes cooking, food, drink, and the lunar cycle in their magical practice. The craft is not just something a kitchen witch does. It's what they live. The craft becomes a way of being and can make for quite an enchanted life. 


Give tips on the best way to forage ingredients.


Celebrate what is in season in your region and be sure to consult with a knowledgeable herbalist before eating or drinking anything wild. Respect and thank the earth, and practice ethical foraging. 


What is your favorite cocktail and why?


The Gin Buck! There are so many health benefits in the botanical formulas found in gin. The ginger ale or ginger beer used in this cocktail have been used to calm down upset stomachs for hundreds of years. I naturally gravitate toward the herbalism of early pharmacists.


Leave us with a toast!


Cheers to you! Cheers to me! Cheers to the wild world that is beautiful and free!





About Angie Jackson


Angie Jackson, known as the Traveling Elixir Fixer, is a Master Culinary Mixologist, Brand Consultant, and Author. In her 25-year career, she has designed and executed award-winning beverage programs for Chicago's top bars and restaurants, numerous Midwest distilleries, national distributors, as well as global brands and celebrities.

Angie has contributed to articles featured in the New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times, Kalamazoo Gazette, M-Live, Edible Michiana, Encore Magazine, SW Women's Lifestyle Magazine, Shoreline Magazine, Bride and Groom Magazine, Nation’s Restaurant News, Asylum Lake Magazine, Eat Drink and Be Michigan, Michigan Meeting and Events Magazine, The Daily Beast, and has a new book called Drink the Wild.

She is a graduate of the Academy of Spirits and Fine Service, BarSmarts Advanced Bar Education Program, and the Advanced Culinary Mixology Academy. Angie taught mixology (HOS 123) in the Culinary Arts, Food Beverage, and Hospitality Department at Kendall College in Chicago before moving back to Michigan to nurture her home state's growing culture of farm-to-table culinary experiences, local agriculture and distillation, wild-crafted elixirs, as well as herbalism and foraging.




Link to purchase book:  www.drinkthewildbook.com


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Angie supports charitable work and is passionate about helping others. You can lend your support to one of Angie's causes by following the link below.


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