Supplier diversity is vital to the industry

We are bolstering the businesses of minority-owned suppliers. If you represent a minority-owned wine or spirit brand, we need to talk.

Our ultimate goal, as for all Southern Glazer’s suppliers, is to drive commercial success and growth for an expanded portfolio of diverse-owned brands. Brand New, our supplier evaluation process, is just one of the innovative approaches we take to find the brands that directly align with emerging consumer trends.

We are looking for diverse brands

Whether you produce wine, spirits, CBD, or a category adjacent non-alcoholic beverage, Southern Glazer’s is committed to engaging with more diverse-owned brands like you. We know that diverse-owned distillers and wine producers are underrepresented in the industry because of historically lacking access to networks, representation, and industry tools and resources. We want to, and are working hard to change that


A confident black distiller in an apron stands with arms crossed in front of wooden barrels in a rustic distillery.

Introducing Southern Glazer’s Incubator Academy

Our Incubator Academy is an online education platform that provides diverse- and women-owned brands in the wine, spirits, CBD and non-alcohol beverage industry unprecedented free access to foundational business learning to increase their potential for commercial success.

Diverse group gathered around laptop

Support for multicultural businesses

Southern Glazer’s is proud of its Cultural Collective Steering Committee that develops ideas and activates programs to amplify multicultural consumer sales opportunities, increase supplier engagement and support minority-supplier commercial success.

Women of the vine and spirits logo

Opportunities for women-owned suppliers

Women of the Vine & Spirits is the world’s leading organization dedicated to empowering and advancing women in the alcohol beverage industry and Southern Glazer's is a founding partner. Its certified women-owned program increases opportunities to gain visibility among wholesalers, buyers, importers, supplier diversity procurement managers, and consumers looking to buy and support diverse suppliers and brands.