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Fleet Advertising Overview

When you advertise with the Southern Glazer’s fleet, you’re taking advantage of the most cost-effective medium available. Not only do our trucks reach your audience in captive moments (when they can’t turn the page or switch stations) but they’re constantly making stops at points of purchase and consumption. It’s an unbeatable way to reach your target when and where they’re looking.

Why Fleet Advertising?

It Can't Be Ignored

All eyes are on your brand with a 98% viewing rate.* That's a number no other medium can match.

Drivers Are Spenders

30% of all buying decisions are made in the car.* And we're in front of thousands of cars every day.

It's Highly Cost Effective

Depending on your buy, the average cost per 1,000 impressions can be as low as 38¢.

We Beat OOH Everywhere

Annual costs for our fleet advertising are lower than the monthly billboard cost in every major market.**

There's A Good Reason To Keep On Truckin'

Our trucks offer the lowest cost per thousand impressions (CPM) of any other advertising medium.***

Truck Advertising

38¢ - 42¢



$8 - 20



$4 - 27





Recent Truck Ads

Just a few examples of what it looks like to make a brand the king of the road.

Ready To Start Your Fleet Advertising Program?

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After you’ve signed your contract, it typically takes about 60 days to approve, produce, and install the wrap on a truck. Installation is only completed on Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays.

We offer three options: 12-month, 24-month, and 24-month national contracts. The 24-month national option provides a 15% discount vs. the 12-month option on an annualized basis. To qualify for this option, we require participation in at least three markets with a minimum of 10 trucks in total.

Due to mileage leasing requirements, maintenance schedules, customer orders, and other factors, we’re unable to commit any truck to a specific route. However, we will work with you to find trucks in the metropolitan areas that best meet your needs.

Yes. All production and installation costs for the truck wrap are included in the monthly rate. These costs average approximately $3,000 - $3,200 for an average vehicle in the SGWS fleet. The only additional cost you assume is that which is involved in the development of your artwork/advertising.

24 month campaigns auto-renew at the end of contract, unless notice is provided in writing at least 90 days prior to the end of the contract. 12 month campaigns auto-renew for the remainder of the serviceable vehicle’s lease balance, up to an additional 12 months. All notices should be sent in writing to SGWS Leasing with the supplier’s SMBD VP and Ravi Mohan, SGWS Digital Marketing Director.

Other than Alaska and Nebraska, we offer truck advertising in all open markets where we currently operate. We also have truck advertising in some control markets, including the largest: Pennsylvania.

Yes. Ravi Mohan, our Digital Marketing Director, also manages the truck advertising program. He’ll walk your key contacts through the entire process — from initial discussions through the signing of the contract and completion of wrap installation.

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